About Us

At Phileo by Lesaffre UK & Ireland, we harness the power of microorganisms to benefit animals and the planet, naturally. We believe this is the future of sustainable animal feeding.

Our products harness the power of microbes to support digestive and immune function in horses, ponies and youngstock. As the engine of the horse, the hindgut and the microbial community within it is responsible for providing the energy and nutrients they need. That means better performance and an animal that is better able to manage the demands and stresses of modern equine life.

About Phileo by Lesaffre

Phileo by Lesaffre is the pioneering animal nutrition division of Lesaffre, a global leader in yeast and fermentation. We create yeast-based feed additives that improve the gut health and performance of wide range of animals, including farm animals, pets and – of course – horses and ponies.

Our expertise is built on a foundation of nearly 170 years of research and manufacturing, enabling us to get the best out of the microbiological world for the benefit of your horse. On the cutting edge of innovation, Phileo by Lesaffre has R&D divisions in Europe, North America and Asia, and our veterinarians and animal nutritionists work closely with our wider research teams.

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About Lesaffre

The Lesaffre Group has been at the forefront of yeast, bacteria and advanced fermentation technology since its foundation in 1853. Their products use biotechnology advances and the incredible power of microorganisms for a healthier and more sustainable future. Lesaffre aims to better nourish and protect the planet while operating in the fields of baking, taste and food pleasure, industrial biotechnology, and health and nutrition.

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Christine Campbell

Equine Technical Specialist

I am a lifelong horsewoman and have trained at top international showjumping yards, and competed in shows, throughout the UK and Europe. With a BSc(Hons) in Equine Science specialising in sport medicine and nutrition, my passion is equine performance, health and welfare - whether it is for leisure horses, stud stock or elite performance horses. 

We expect a lot from our horses, and I am delighted that my career allows me to give a little back to them by combining cutting edge research with practical nutrition and management.

At Phileo, we are working with some of the world's leading scientists on the equine microbiome - something we see as being a core facet of future equine medicine.

The more we learn, the more we can clearly see that every horse is truly an individual. It is my aim to help owners, riders and trainers manage their equines as such to ensure optimum health, performance and welfare for each of them.