Premium yeast fraction postbiotic

Safmannan® is a premium yeast fraction, rich in mannan-oligosaccharides and beta-glucans (1,3 and 1,6) obtained from primary culture and purification of selected Saccharomyces cerevisiae proprietary strain. A fully controlled manufacturing process ensures Safmannan® meets the highest standards of ingredients and batch-to-batch consistency, providing significantly better benefits compared to other commercial yeast cell wall products.

As a feed material, Safmannan® can only be fed as part of a finished commercial feed or complementary supplement.

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What makes Safmannan® different to other postbiotics?

A controlled and highly selective manufacturing process ensures that Safmannan® maintains batch to batch consistency of the key components – Mannans (MOS) and 1,3-1,6 beta glucans.

The consistent concentration of mannans (≥ 20%) and 1,3 – 1,6 beta-glucans (≥ 20%) in the composition of Safmannan® results in predictable high-performance outcomes.

Actisaf® & Safmannan® in horses and ponies

Actisaf® live yeast & Safmannan® premium yeast fraction bring a range of benefits to horses and ponies by providing a stable and healthy microbiome in the gut. Phileo UK & Ireland's equine specialist Christine Campbell explains how they work to help equines perform and feel their best - no matter their job.