Phileo Equine Products

Supporting Optimum Hindgut Performance

Notably the engine room, the hindgut microbiome is irreversibly linked to the overall health and welfare of all equines. To ensure optimum health and performance, we must support the microbial community within the hindgut.

At Phileo by Lesaffre, we harness the power of microbes to support this engine room, which in turn supports digestive function, immunity, performance, fertility and welfare in all ages and performance levels of equines.

No added chemicals, no magic powder, no unsubstantiated claims. Just microbiology at its best.

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It’s a great feeling to have her moving forward, she’s very keen and I no longer wear spurs. She jumps with a lot more energy and enthusiasm which makes it more fun for both of us. But mostly, I’m happy because she is happy.

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