Live yeast probiotic

Actisaf® is produced using a highly perfected and patented manufacturing process, making it the most stable live yeast on the market and ensuring its compatibility with a wide range of feed types and manufacturing processes.

As a feed additive, Actisaf® can only be fed as part of a finished commercial feed or complementary supplement, and the recommended feeding rate is a minimum of 5-10g per horse per day.

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What makes Actisaf® different to other probiotics?

Shaped like a Malteser, the live yeast cells are located in the centre of the granule and surrounded by a protective coating of dead yeast cells. This outer layer ensures that the live cells survive the feed manufacturing processes and make it to the hindgut of the horse intact.

The specific strain of yeast used - from the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae - is a yeast that is also patented and unique to Phileo. The strain has been rigorously researched and carefully selected to ensure effectiveness, reliability and optimal results when added to your equines diet.


Backed by Science

The latest metagenomic technologies allow us to measure Actisaf® Sc47's effect on the microbiome. By sequencing the microbiota, we can see that the microbial population in the hindgut shifts and shows a growth in key fibrolytic species, which are responsible for breaking down fibre (Figures 1 & 2).


Other published scientific data that demonstrates the effect of Actisaf® on the equine hindgut is available - contact us to find out more!

Actisaf® & Safmannan® in horses and ponies

Actisaf® live yeast & Safmannan® premium yeast fraction bring a range of benefits to horses and ponies by providing a stable and healthy microbiome in the gut. Phileo UK & Ireland's equine specialist Christine Campbell explains how they work to help equines perform and feel their best - no matter their job.